Luga Flow Army


Band Members: Cyno, Foever MC, Nelly Sade Saint, Fasie Shyloc and Burney MC

Emerging in 2008, Burney mc, foever, Cyno, saint Nelly sade, Fasie, proved to be the most revolutionary Hip Hop emcees in Uganda. The spirit of team work increased the love and togetherness among the emcees as they used to join hands and write lyrics, perform and move together as one. Early 2011 a congregation of five MCs Fasie(Nakiranda Hasifa), Burney mc(Warakira Richard), Foever(Okiror Emmanuel),Cyno(Mpima Moses) and Saint Nelly sade( Nsubuga Nelson) made a pact to a form a new artistic Hiphop group called “LUGA FLOW ARMY”. They decided to establish themselves through a group effort becoming stronger and more influential. The first LUGA FLOW ARMY single, COMPETITION appeared on their own independent label and become a hit on Hip hop radio stations in Uganda. Other hit songs by Luga Flow Army are Ejje Lyo, Tuvudde Wansi and Kikola sense.
Right now you cant turn anywhere without seeing someone from Luga Flow Army, the five hip hop confederation that has put Luga Flow on the musical map.


LFA and Solo work


He released his first official mixtape “Make way for the Champion” in July 2012 which comprised of radio hits like C.Y.N.O, Weta and sunshine ft. Tshila. In 2010 Cyno represented Uganda for End of the Weak world finals which took place in Germany.

He released his 1st CD “Uganda Passport” the mixtape on 12/12/12, packed with messages of a Ugandan who wants to be a Global citizen.

He released his first album “The Translation (Okutaputa) on 14th/ Feb/2013 with hit songs Nzijukira and Neighbor and his distinctness is mainly plunged by his artistic and Afro- Centrism.

He makes headlines as a street basket baller and his frenetic approach to rap is eye opening with lots of internal rhymes. He is signed under Kinetic management group/KMG and released his first two singles Eh Mama and Antegede.

She is the only female in the group and released her first mixtape “Step by Step” on 20th/Jan/2014. She made history in the Ugandan hip hop community being the first female emcee to put together a mixtape.