Coach Zoran And His African Tigers

Storyville A Balkan Cloughy Ö Coach Zoran with†his African Tigers












Directed by: Sam Benstead

United Kingdom


75 min

After South Sudan succeeded in becoming an independent state in July 2011, following almost 50 years of civil war, the country’s soccer players began a quest to make their mark on the international football scene by forming their first national team. With painful memories of a violent and difficult history still fresh in their minds, their ambitions to transcend the past and rise into the international sporting arena are bolstered by the signing up of Serbian Zoran Djordjevic, a dynamic and hugely ambitious veteran coach, to guide them. What ensues is a darkly comic and original portrait, not only of the birth of a football team, but also of the birth of a nation.

English, Serbian, Arabic with English subtitles

Source : Durban International Film Festival