BBA Hot Shots – Goidris Bickering Blues

goidris re_med

Were Goitse and Idris really into each other? It was becoming harder to tell with all their bickering. The adorable that often hung around the background seemed to be clashing more than they were merging.

Ellah and some of the housemates, seeing something special in the couple, took to putting together a romantic date of sort perhaps in a bid to push them in the right direction.

But for Goitse things seemed to be moving much too fast. She was a gal that preferred to take more than a week to build a relationship. Last she checked she was just enjoying Idris’ company but that was until all the bickering started.

Laying on the couch in what, from afar, seemed like an intimate moment between lovers, the pair argued; first about her nail grooming which led them down the rough road of control issues. Goitse, feeling stifled, told Idris that she was an independent woman not to be ordered around by anybody.

A sensitive Idris, feeling jilted and, by his own admission “limited and played” looked to Butterphly and Samantha for a feminine perspective and then to Nhlanhla and Luis to validate his feelings of rejection. He reckons Goitse is leading him on and playing a “really bad game” on him.

Source: Big Brother Africa